Elastic knee bend safety atmospheric five-link knee joint

Modal: J209-1
Weight: 880gm
Material: Strength aluminum alloy
Flexion angle: 150°
Weight level: 125KG
Application range: Ithigh amputees who demand high securities stability and gait comfort and high activity,and hip joint disconnection amputees,bilateral thighs amputees
Guarantee period: International maximum guarantee period
· Elastic knee bend safety devices achieve the knee bend walking of normal human gait, close to the physiological knee joint function.
· Frictionless geometrical self-locking devices can satisfy the security and stability requirement of thigh prosthesis, and adjust the stability randomly.
· High power atmospheric swing control devices make the swing process closed to the sinew, making possible the instantaneous variable walking.
· Using intelligent joint needle bearing design and high-density material to extend the service life of the knee joint.
· The knee joint is specially designed for the western countries and has been highly appreciated.